Artist Statement

I love the beauty, color and simplicity of flowers. Flowers are “statement pieces” to me. They are almost always an integral part of my works if not the main subject in the composition.

I like to present my works with a bold and colorful flair in a playful style. I strive to convey an overall feeling of happiness and joy in my paintings.

My favorite tools are the paint brush and a pallet knife. I often work on my piece with a paint brush in one hand and a pallet knife in the other, using both as I work my painting to completion. I approach the blank canvas by outlining a setting I have in mind. Next, I begin applying layers of paint until the composition is fully developed to my satisfaction, and the piece has an adequate thickness of paint and texture. I use photos and books as reference while working but do not paint exactly as I see, but rather in a manner true to my own unique style.

Working in acrylics allows me to be spontaneous as I paint. Because of the fast drying quality of the paint, I can simplify a painting I feel I have overdone by subtracting parts and I can add to areas that are calling for something more. I like the ability to make corrections to the composition directly on the canvas as I work.

In the past I enjoyed a challenging and successful career in the business world. Now, having found art in my retirement, I feel like I have a new purpose in life. To be able to create a work of art to share with family, friends and the world is an indescribable feeling of satisfaction and delight for me.