Artist Statement

I love the beauty and simplicity of flowers. The variation of colors and shapes found in nature provide endless inspiration for my paintings. Flowers are almost always an integral part of my works and very often the main subject of the composition. I try to convey an overall feeling of happiness and joy in my pieces, working with a bold and colorful flair in a playful style.

My favorite tools are the paint brush and pallet knife. I approach the blank canvas by roughly outlining a setting I have in mind. I then begin applying layers of paint loosely until the composition is fully developed to my satisfaction and the canvas is covered in an adequate thickness of paint and texture. From beginning to end, I pause often to sit with my painting as I evaluate the overall piece for color harmony, size and variation of the flower shapes, and always checking that I am creating pleasant negative space areas.

Working with fast drying acrylic paints and mediums allows me to be spontaneous throughout the painting process. I can adjust and tone down colors, as well as simplify an overdone painting by subtracting some shapes and I can add to areas that are calling for something more. When I am finally happy with the piece, I am able to finish off by creatively detailing some of the flower centers and maybe adding design marks on some of the leaves.

To be able to create a work of art that evokes a joyful feeling and releasing it to share with family, friends and the world, gives me a deep feeling of satisfaction and delight.