Beverly Haley

Bev Haley retired from a satisfying career in the business world and found herself restless and feeling without purpose. Her artist husband, encouraged her to study art. Thirsty to learn, she took every art class she could get into at Santa Rosa Junior College and found her niche in acrylic painting and mixed media collage. She has continued furthering her studies and developing her own unique style by painting with established mentor painters near her home in Northern California, South of France and in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where she lives part time.

She is a member of an Art Tribe led by well known Sebastopol artist, Carole Watanabe. They paint together weekly, learning, inspiring and supporting one another in a group setting. They currently exhibit their collective works locally in Sonoma County.

After losing their home, paintings and all other belongings in the 2017 Tubbs Fire, she painted prolifically in a corner of the dining room in their temporary housing. She used her art as the therapy she needed to heal from the traumatic event and to help her move forward in life with courage and peace. She has experienced first hand, the healing power of art.

Bev has recently taken a big step in her art endeavors and will be exhibiting some of her works as part of the permanent display of art at the Riverfront Gallery in Petaluma, CA.